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icon_gunAsk the Content Design Team

Content Designers dream up scenarios, campaigns, units, buildings , and work with our scenario editor. If you have a question that you would like to ask the content design team here at Ensemble about any of these topics, send them in to age3.community@ensemblestudios.com. We will select a few of the best questions each week and post the answers in our forums.


patch104Version Autonome du Correctif v1.04 Disponible

La version autonome du correctif v1.04 est désormais disponible à partir de notre page consacrée aux téléchargements. Une fois le fichier téléchargé, exécutez le fichier exe pour installer la version la plus récente du jeu. Si vous avez déjà mis à jour votre version via le correcteur automatique intégré au jeu, vous n'avez pas besoin de télécharger ce correctif.

Télécharger le correctif | 01/23/06

Icon_Trio_LargeMods and Patch 1.04

Several popular user created mods for Age of Empires 3 have been shown to cause problems after the game is patched to 1.04. These problems can be as severe as game crashes, but can be resolved by simply uninstalling the mod. You should uninstall any user created mods before patching to 1.04 to ensure that you don't encounter any issues during or after the patching process.

If you are a mod creator and have any questions about updating your mod to work with 1.04, please contact us at webmaster@ensemblestudios.com


patch104Correctif 1.04 - Correctif de stabilité ESO disponible

Le correctif 1.04 est désormais disponible via l'outil de mise à jour automatique intégré au jeu. Cliquez sur « Aide et outils », puis « Mettre le jeu à jour » pour obtenir le correctif le plus récent, qui permet, entre autres, de mettre à jour le navigateur ESO intégré au jeu.

La version autonome de ce correctif sera disponible sous peu.

Notes d'informations sur le correctif | 19/01/06

CommunityESO Stability Patch Soon

We have accelerated our patching schedule in order to address ESO server stability, which has been our highest priority since our online population greatly increased after Christmas. We have made several server side fixes that improved ESO performance, and added a new server to help with the increase in traffic. Patch 1.04 will change our game browser to be more bandwidth efficient, further improving ESO stability. The patch is in testing and should be available in the next week or so. We'll be posting the patch notes tomorrow.

Balance changes are not included in this patch, as we felt ESO stability was the highest priority. Our balance fixes are in final testing at this time, and development is underway on the power rating system. We hope to share more information on these two upcoming patch features soon.


Bruce_ShelleyEnsemble's Dynamic Duo

Sandy Petersen and Bruce Shelley have been typing up a storm over the last few days. Bruce has just updated his blog with news such as why you should keep a copy of Age3 in your truck for emergencies, and Sandy has been very active in our forums answering fan questions. Two opportunities to read thoughts from these Ensemble game designers.

Bruce's Blog | Ask Sandy | 01/11/06

Sandy PetersenLe retour des questions à Sandy!

Nous allons rassembler toutes vos questions pour notre expert maison Sandy Petersen. Posez votre question sur le sujet de votre choix et envoyez-la à age3.community@ensemblestudios.com. Nous sélectionnerons les questions les plus pertinentes et publierons les réponses dans nos forums.

Sandy sait tout, alors demandez-lui!