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AoMErreur de statistiques pour AoM et AoT

Après avoir installé Internet Explorer 7, un grand nombre de joueurs d'Age of Mythology et de Titans ont vu s'afficher le message Erreur de connexion au serveur de statistiques ESO lorsqu'ils se sont connectés. Jusqu'à maintenant, le seul correctif possible consistait à désinstaller Internet Explorer 7. Nous venons de mettre au point un fichier DLL mis à jour qui résout ce problème. Pour en savoir plus, consultez le message du forum intitulé AOM and AOT Stats Error (Erreur de statistiques pour AoM et AoT)

Les joueurs de Age of Empires III et WarChiefs n'ont pas rencontré ce problème ; ils n'ont donc pas besoin de ce fichier.


updateMore From Bruce...

There are a couple of new blog updates from Designer Bruce Shelley that may be of interest to you. He has information on the long awaited Age of Empires III board game and a new random map that will soon be released for The WarChiefs called Ozarks! Stop by EnsembleStudios.com for more.


Mr.TWelcome To WaCkO

Donnie "WaCkO" Thompson joined the Ensemble Studios team in January as a balance tester. You may recognize his name from our Warrior's Path tournament last year in which he was one of the finalists invited here to Ensemble Studios to play The WarChiefs before it hit the shelves. Most recently Donnie has been working on balance recommendations for our upcoming patches for Age of Empires III and The WarChiefs.


workMaintenance du serveur ESO 02/20

Les serveurs ESO seront déconnectés pour une maintenance de routine le 02/20 à 13h00 GMT (7h00 CST). Le temps d'indisponibilité des serveurs devrait être d'environ 15 minutes.

Merci de votre patience pendant que nous nous efforçons d'améliorer votre expérience de jeu en ligne.


Bruce_ShelleyMoving Bruce's Blog

Those of you who have read Bruce Shelley's blog over at the official Age of Empires III website over the last year or so will now find it at EnsembleStudios.com. Bruce began the blog covering the development of Age of Empires III and then The WarChiefs. With the announcement of Halo Wars, Bruce has been covering a wider scope of topics, such as the general goings on at the Studios. Check out Bruce's latest updates: http://www.ensemblestudios.com/blogs/Default.aspx


itburnsusESO Bannings

With the end of the ladder season coming up, we will be paying special attention to point traders over the next couple of weeks. Quite a number of players were banned in the last ladder season for this form of cheating and we will continue to have a zero tolerance policy toward point traders.

We will also be doing a round of bannings for players who attempt to extort ESO account passwords from other players, or otherwise attempt to gain control of another player's account, as well as anyone who uses hacks or cheats.


AIASWarChiefs Nominated

Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs is amongst the nominees announced for the 10th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards. WarChiefs was recognized in the category of Computer Game of the Year! Members of the Academy will be voting to choose the winners and the awards will be handed out on February 8th at the D.I.C.E Summit conference in Las Vegas.