Patch 1.01 - English

Patch 1.01 - Balance changes and fixed some exploits


  • Bonus from the Agents card reduced from +200% hitpoints to +50%.
  • The 8 Spy home city cards for the British and Portuguese moved to the third age from the second age. If you have this card in your deck, the card will be moved to the third age in your deck as well.
  • Cards that reduce the wood cost of buildings changed to prevent building cost from being zero or negative.
  • Wallenstein contract now affects the new WarChiefs mercenary units.
  • Queued shipments from your home city are now removed properly during revolution.
  • British team animal fattening cards now work as described.
  • Reduced longbow ranged attack by 2 and hand attack by 1.
  • Fixed a possible exploit with shipments from team cards.
  • Fixed several new cards that did not have a shipment cost.


  • Fixed a bug with stats uploading
  • Fixed an issue that caused some users to be stuck on the "Connecting to ESO..." dialog box.
  • Statistics window rendering fixes.