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On the Big Screen

Starting October 29th and just in time for Halloween, This 60-second trailer will be shown in Regal Cinemas across the United States before movies rated PG and PG-13. The clip features the stunning graphics and gameplay of Age of Empires 3 plus scenes from our awesome cut scenes. If you are like us you will download the video, set it to repeat and high five your buddies every few minutes.

Download Here | 10/28/2005

Patch01Get The First Patch

Get up-to-date with the first Age of Empires 3 patch! You can install the patch manually (download and run the .exe file) or automatically from the AoE3 main menu. Click "Help and Tools" then click "Update Game". This patch fixes a variety of Age of Empires 3 retail version single player, multiplayer, and hardware compatibility issues.

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Demo v1.1 Now Available

You need not wait any longer, demo version 1.1 is now available. The demo has various bug fixes, a tutorial and the new minimized UI. Check it out!

Download Demo v1.1

Age of Empires 2 MobileWhile You Wait

For those on the go, Age of Empires 2 Mobile is coming to a phone near you. It features 2 playable civilizations, a tutorial, 7 mission campaign, and random map mode. It has already been released in Spain and Italy with more releases to follow. For more information and to check out the demo visit


Dave_PottingerDave Pottinger Interview

Continuing in our series of Ensemble Studios staff interviews, we managed to get Dave "BigDog" Pottinger chat with us.

Tell us a little bit about who this guy, Dave Pottinger, is.

I've been at Ensemble for just about 10 years now. It's been a long, fun trip. Who ever thought you'd get paid to make games? When I originally started at Ensemble, I was doing the AI for Age1 whilst being the official technical director at Ensemble. We generally share lots of responsibility on the code side of the house, though, so it's a more impressive sounding title than anything else really... By this point, I've worked on just about every area of code there is to work on, but I still prefer AI and simulation code.

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Greg Street Interview

With Age of Empires III finished, Dr. Street was available to talk a bit about design, Age3 and life in general.

Who is Greg Street?

GTS: And why does he keep following me?

Rumor is that you are actually Dr. Street. What are you a Doctor of?

GTS: Oceanography. Technically, marine biologists are only trained in biology, while oceanographers are trained in physical, chemical and geological sciences too. My specialty was benthic ecology (stuff that lives on the bottom), and within that my sub-specialty was very small crustaceans.

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