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workESO Server Maintenance 11/01

We will have a brief period of ESO server down time beginning at 12:00pm GMT (07:00 CST) on 11/01 to resolve a Home City experience issue that some users with level 80+ HCs have been experiencing. Down time is expected to be about 15 minutes.


aoe_originalAge of Empires Image Contest

It's been ten years! Age of Empires was shipped in October 1997 and we want to celebrate ten years of Age. Send us a photo of your favorite Age moment, a screenshot of your greatest victory, an Age inspired cartoon, an Age themed desktop wallpaper, or some other kind of image that you've created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Age of Empires. We'll choose a winner and some honorable mentions to share with Age fans here on our website, and shower the image creators in Age of Empires prizes. See our contest page for full rules and requirements!

In addition, we're capping off our Age of Empires anniversary interview series with Dave Pottinger answering a series of questions on the beginnings of the Age series.

AOE Anniversary Image Contest | AOE Interviews | 10/31/07

workHome City Creation Change

For those of you who have been playing our game on ESO for the last two years, leveling up new Home Cities is old news. We're making some changes so that when you create a new Home City for multiplayer games, it will now start at a higher level which is based on your highest level city. Here is how it will work:

Highest HC LevelNewly Created HC level

As an example, if your highest level Home City is 50, you will be able to create a new Home City for another civilization that starts at level 40 instead of level 1. This change will come into effect tomorrow morning. (Oct 30th) Please see this post in our forums for further examples or if you have questions.

Home City Creation Changes | 10/29/07

aoe_originalAge of Empires Interview Series

We continue our 10th anniversary interview series with members of Ensemble Studios by talking to the two Tonies. Ensemble Studios President Tony Goodman joins us, as well as long time ES artist Thonny Namuonglo, to talk about their early days working on the original AOE game.

AOE Interviews | 10/28/07

aoe_originalAge of Empires 10th Anniversary

A full ten years ago, October 1997, the first Age of Empires game began appearing on store shelves! It was the first title from a new game development company, Ensemble Studios, and published by Microsoft. We're starting a small question and answer series with members of Ensemble Studios who came on board in those early days and had a hand in starting this 18 million unit selling franchise which has just seen another addition, Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties.

Bruce Shelley and Harter Ryan join us here on Age Community today to answer a few questions.

AOE Interviews | 10/25/07

The Asian DynastiesAsian Dynasties Reviews

Enter the humble, kneeling samurai icon for this topic. Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties is now starting to appear on store shelves in the USA, and will be shipping to European countries and further abroad on November 2. So what are the game critics saying? Good things!

GameSpy - "This expansion pack is a rare and generous package of new visuals, new gameplay, and absolutely crucial improvements to the core game."

GameSpot - "There's a fair amount here to dig into if you're a serious Age of Empires fan or someone who likes Asian civilization."

Yahoo! - "'s one of the best real-time strategy expansion packs since Brood Wars."

IGN - "Asian Dynasties is another great chapter in the Age of Empires series..."


Dynasties Box ArtAsian Dynasties Now Shipping to Stores

Age of Empires III: The Asian Dyasnties is now on its way to retailers in North America so keep an eye out for it on store shelves in the days ahead!

"Microsoft Game Studios today announced that the expansion packs for two critically acclaimed Games for Windows franchises, "Age of Empires III" and "Flight SImulator X" have begun shipping to retailers throughout North America today."

Full Press Release | 10/23/07

MrMiloWelcome MrMilo

MrMilo has recently joined our moderation team to help answer player questions and keep peace in our forums. You may recognize him as one of our Warriors Path tournament finalists who came to Ensemble Studios to test the WarChiefs expansion pack. Welcome aboard Milo!


Bruce_ShelleyDouble Blog Updates

Bruce Shelley has just updated his blog once again over at His latest entry covers a wide range of topics including Dynasties demo download numbers, the WCG, and a talk that designer Greg Street recently gave on the design decisions that were made during the development of Age of Empires III.

IGN also has a new blog posting up from Big Huge Games designer John Hawkins on game balance in The Asian Dynasties expansion pack.

Bruce's Blog | Dynasties Blog | 10/18/07

WCGiamgrunt Wins Gold

Congratulations to iamgrunt, the gold medal winner for Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs at this year's World Cyber Games! Some of you will recognize Grunt as the Age of Empires II: The Conquerors champion, and although he faced some great competition in the finals from parfait, he managed to walk away with the top prize once again this year. You can check out a video of one of their final games here on the AOE3H Forums, with some great commentary by Milo.

Age III Results | WCG Photos | 10/09/07

The Asian DynastiesOfficial Dynasties Site has been updated with not only a great Asian Dynasties look, but also fair bit of new content and information on the units, buildings, and wonders from the civilizations of the upcoming expansion pack. New information will be added weekly until the release of the game on October 23. | 10/09/07

workESO Server Maintenance 10/09

The ESO servers are going to be taken offline for regularly scheduled maintenance on 10/09 at 1:00pm GMT (7:00am CST). Server down time is expected to be approximately 1 hour, but may need to be extended. We will keep you posted.

Thank you for your patience as we strive to improve your online experience.

Update: Maintenance has been completed.


aoe3hStrategic Objectives 1v1 Ladder

AOE3 Heaven is hosting a new ladder for players. The Strategic Objectives 1v1 Online Ladder is based around a set of multiplayer scenarios developed by Moshe Levi, so instead of playing on random maps you will be battling for victory using these scenarios. There are a number of prizes available and the ladder runs to the end of the month. Best of luck!

Ladder rules | 10/08/07

Dynasties Box ArtAsian Dynasties Trial Version

Now available in our Asian Dynasties downloads section is the 612MB trial version for this upcoming expansion pack for Age of Empires III. Try out the Japanese civilization, the new Honshu random map, and even King of the Hill!

Dynasties Downloads | 10/04/07

WCGWCG Finals Begin

Best of luck to those players who have fought their way to the finals in this year's World Cyber games events! The finals now get underway with some of the best Age of Empires III players facing off against each other. Keep up to date on the games of this event at the official WCG site. (Thanks to Milo for the link)