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icon_grahamGraham Somers Joins Ensemble Studios

Long time Age of Empires fan Graham "Thunder" Somers has joined the Ensemble Studios community team. Graham has worked on several Age fan sites since 1999, including Age of Kings Heaven and Age of Mythology Heaven, and will now be working to support the online Age community as a member of the development team.


Happy_Turkey_DayMore Patch News for 1.02

You asked and we delivered. We wanted to make sure you all knew about 2 more changes going in to patch 1.02 another bug fix, and new features:

  • Adding 5 Large Maps
  • Fixed lockup that sometimes occurred when a player resigned

This is on top of all the changes mentioned before plus many more that you can read about in the game updates section. The patch is going through final testing before release it to you our fans.

Find out all of the details in our games updates section.

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MusicMusic of the Ages

Get lost in the music of Age of Empires. Composed by our own Stephen Rippy and Kevin McMullan this CD and DVD set includes all of the music from the best selling game and a behind the scenes look at the recording sessions. The DVD also includes a Dolby 5.1 mix of all of the music, bringing the full sound of Age of Empires to your ears. Drive down the freeway while blasting "Get Ye Sum" or relax to "Rest with us". It is available in stores all around the world now! | starting 11/22 | 11/21/05

Icon_Trio_LargeHail the King

According to the NPD Group Age of Empires 3 rocketed up to number 1 in sales during its first week on the shelves and has stayed in orbit at number 1 for the following 2 weeks. Age of Empires 3 has been at the top spot for 3 weeks! The limited Collectors Edition also made it in the Top 10 which is great because it was offered in limited quantities.

Thank you making Age of Empires 3 best selling game for these first weeks. We will continue to work for you and make Age of Empires 3 a great game for all of our fans.  


CommunityNew Patch Coming Soon

We have been hard at work getting ESO up to speed for all of our fans. We apologize for any inconvenience you have had while we work on the servers. Our team has been hard at work on a new patch and we will have it for you in the near future. We are looking at

  • Hardware Compatibility Issues
  • Sound Stuttering Issues
  • Fixes for Direct3D
  • Stability and Crash Issues
  • Hotkey Editor

We will post more information in the Game Updates section soon.

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Kevin_H_Yo!Kevin "The Sheriff" Holme Interview

Some of you may have seen or play with this guy over the 7 or so years that he has been playing games. He is widely known as an expert RTS player and one of the best Age of Empires players in the world. Here are a few words from him.

Who is Kevin Holme? (please feel free to include the words 'The Sheriff' somewhere in your reply)

One of the lucky few in the world who managed to turn their favorite hobby into a great career. I've been a die-hard online RTS gamer since Age of Empires 1 was first released 7(?) years ago. Before I started working at ES I had already played hundreds of games on the Zone as 'The Sheriff'. I was in a clan, I played in tournaments, I posted on forums, and was having a great time. After playing in a tournament for Rise of Rome I was offered a temporary testing job for Age of Kings, which has turned into a lasting career.

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