Archive 12.2006

holidaymapHappy Holidays

Here is the patch change list for 1.02, the WarChiefs patch, coming in January. The patch list for 1.10, Age III vanilla, is virtually the same except they will receive the Longbow balance change that players using the expansion pack now enjoy.

Have a safe and happy holiday!


Fixed mercenary selection in Saloons for custom maps.
- Better anti-aliasing support for NVIDIA GeForce 8 series cards.
- A number of Windows Vista compatibility issues fixed.
- Several low level network optimizations have been added.


- Reduced Rodelero building bonus.
- Reduced Spanish shipment bonus.
- Reduced Cetan Bowman hitpoints by 10.
- Increased Kanya Horsemen hitpoints by 20.


- ESO statistics tab now defaults to show statistics for the game you are playing.
- Decks are now limited to 32 per home city.
- Quick Search - the civilizations of other players are no longer shown when the initial match is made.
- Quick Search - games no longer follow the two minute resign rule and will count toward your rating as soon as they begin.
- Power Rating values will now update more quickly after a game.


Icon_Trio_LargeQuick Search Update

In our upcoming patches for WarChiefs and Age of Empires III, Quicksearch will be getting some much requested changes. Firstly, you will no longer be able to see what civilization the opponent you are matched with is using before the game launches. Many players cancel out of the match when they see a civilization they don't like playing against. Another factor that currently makes getting a good Quicksearch game more difficult is the two minute resign rule. Currently, you can resign from a game in the first two minutes, and the game does not count as a loss for you. This is now changing for Quick Search so that games count toward your rating and win record from the very start. Games played through the game browser still have the two minute rule in effect.

We hope that these two changes will make getting into a game through Quicksearch a faster and more enjoyable experience.


sioux_chiefPath to Santa Claus Tournament

There are still a couple of days to sign-up for this SkWizZ tournament, which will take place on December 23rd. For the latest tournament news and rules check:

Best of luck everyone!


updateNot a Creature Was Stirring...

Why so quiet? No, we aren't all off on holiday just yet, in fact we have been hard at work on two patches. Patch 1.10 for Age of Empires III and Patch 1.02 for The WarChiefs have both been in production here at Ensemble Studios for the last few weeks. We were hoping to be able to release both patches before the holidays, but a couple of bugs have turned up during the testing process that will delay patch release until January. Why January? A lot of people will be off on holiday next week, so if we released patches during this time and something was broken, it would be impossible to fix it in a timely fashion.

These patches are relatively small in scale, and although they are not major balance patches, there are a few balance changes included in them. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming patches in the week ahead.


aoe3hFeatured Game: Age III

The Governor of Texas has chosen Age of Empires III as his featured game of the month for December. It's quite an honor and great to see this positive recognition of games and our industry in general by those who have to manage portions of our world in real time.


iroquoisAOE3 Files Native Tourney

That's right, it's natives only! The team at AOE3 Files is getting set to run their Native Tournament, a 1v1 event with over $450 in prizes to give away. Sign-ups close on December the 7th for this event to make sure that you don't miss out. Good luck everyone!