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patch_105Patch 1.05 Released

Patch 1.05 is now available through the in-game auto updater. Click "Help and Tools" then click "Update Game" to get the latest version. This patch adds power ratings, stand ground stance for units, many balance changes, and much more.

The stand alone patch will be made available in the coming days.

Patch Notes | 02/28/06

workPatch 1.05: Invisible Players and Mods

New in the upcoming 1.05 patch are steps we have taken to try to address games that go out of sync when two players can't see each other in the game setup screen. There are a number of causes for this situation, but essentially these computers can't communicate with each other. In order to prevent out of syncs, the second player who attempts to join the game, who would normally show up as invisible to one of the players already in the game, will get an error message. Please read the following post in our forums for information on how to troubleshoot this issue: Patch1.05 and Invisible Players

Also, in anticipation of patch 1.05's release, we remind players that it is safest to uninstall any user created mods for Age of Empires III before you install the new patch. These mods may result in unexpected game behavior, such as crashes, until they are updated to work with version 1.05.


Icon_Trio_LargeFastest Industrial Recordings

Below is the list of winning entries from our Fastest Industrial Age contest with links to download the recorded games. Save the files to your My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Savegame folder to view them.


Odeton - 7:27 flag_fr
Fird - 7:35 flag_fr
Mytoja - 7:44 flag_fr
Vogue - 8:38 flag_br
TENO_jp - 8:22 flag_du
Xanthippus - 7:53 flag_fr
StR_Gyrokinesis - 9:00 flag_ge
Jesus4us - 8:00 flag_ot
derp - 8:59 flag_po
Vagabond Merv - 8:57 flag_ru
EliteX - 8:15 flag_sp

industrial_ageFastest Industrial Winners

Congratulations to all our of winners in the Fastest Industrial Age Contest! The times below all stood for 24 hours without being bested, including Odeton's blistering time of 7:27. We will be contacting the winners for mailing information shortly.

The recorded games will be available for download soon.


Fast Industrial Contest Leaders

02/14/06 - 5:59am GMT (11:59pm CST)

Sponsored by Intel and Nvidia logo_nvidia

industrial_ageFastest Selling Age & Contest

To celebrate Age of Empires III being the fastest selling Age title in our history, already reaching 1 million copies sold since the game's release in October, we are running a fast aging contest! Be the fastest player to take your civilization from the Discovery Age to the Industrial Age to win. Prizes are also going to be awarded to the fastest Industrial Age time with each of the game's eight civilizations.

Fastest Industrial Age Contest Rules

Sponsors: Intel and Nvidia | 02/01/06