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workServer Down Time for Patch

We will be taking ESO servers offline at 12:00pm GMT (7:00am CST) while we roll out patch 1.01 for Asian Dynasties and perform maintenance on the servers. Down time is expected to be approximately 2 hours.

Thank you for your patience as we work to bring this new patch online.


aoe3hAOE3 Heaven Forum Party

There's a special twist on the AOE3 Heaven Forum Party this weekend, it's going to feature custom multiplayer scenarios! Not only that, but Moshe Levi is going to be giving away a trio of great RTS games in a drawing. The forum party weekend will be taking place on March 29 and 30. For more information on what scenarios players will be using and what times the parties will be getting started, check out this post in our forum, or visit the forums at AOE3H.


Bruce_ShelleyBlogging Bruce

In the latest blog update from Ensemble Studios Game Designer Bruce Shelley, he gives another quick update on the status of the patch, covers the recent WCG announcement, and software piracy:

"Oscar Santos from our community team tells me that the patch is getting very close to shipping. We are waiting for the localized versions (international languages) to be tested and for our counterparts in Redmond to sign off on the work."

Bruce's Blog | 03/21/08

gamereplays.orgGameReplays Interviews Yamrak

Who the heck is Yamrak? None other than the Producer here at Ensemble Studios that heads up our patching process. With the recent release of the 1.01 patch notes for Age of Empries III: The Asian Dynasties, the team at cornered him to answer some questions on the ins and outs of the patching process.

GameReplays is also running a mentee/mentor program to help players impove their skills. Sign-up and get some tips! | 03/19/08

WCGAsian Dynasties Joins the WCG Family

The WCG has announced that Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties has joined the family of games that players will be competing with during their annual tournaments. We are excited to have the WCG pick up Asian Dynasties as one of the Major RTS's in their competitions.

If you are interested in joining profession and aspiring players from around the world, register by going to the website or simply clicking on the new banner image. We will update our site with the latest WCG news as it happens over the coming months.

WCG | 03/17/08

Age of Empires III: The Asian DynastiesDynasties Patch In Final Testing

First off, we'd like to thank the group of players known as the ES8 for their time testing various changes and for their feedback. This patch is certainly better for it.

The first patch for Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties is now in final testing and should be available in a couple of weeks. The patch focuses solely on balance changes for the latest expansion pack and will not effect either Age III or The WarChiefs. You can check out the full patch notes below.

TAD Patch 1.01 Notes | Discuss | 03/10/08

update3 Bank Dutch Fast Fortress

MrMilo has written up a post in our strategy forum that outlines the Dutch 3-Bank Fast Fortress strategy, along with a voice over demo (VOD) on how to pull it off. The write-up also contains some tips that could help you improve your gameplay with any civilization. Well worth the read, or watch!


aoe3hGordon Farrel: Solo

Long time Age of Empires players will likely recognize the name Gordon Farrel from the great single player scenarios and campaigns that he crafted for Age II, many of which are still available for download at Age of Kings Heaven. Gordon went on to design scenarios for games such as Empire Earth and recently started a blog discussing the art of single player game design. If crafting scenarios is something that interests you, you'll want to check out his thoughts on the subject: Gordon Farrel: Solo.


Bruce_ShelleyBlogging Bruce

Ensemble Studios game designer Bruce Shelley's latest blog update contains an Asian Dynasties patch update for fans and a sad farewell to Greg "DeathShrimp" Street, who has left Ensemble Studios. Some of you will know him from his many posts in fan forums over the years and his work in our games dating back many years. Best of luck to you Greg, you will be missed:

"I am sorry (for us) to say that Greg has left Ensemble Studios to pursue a dream of working on a major MMORPG (so great for him). We wish him the best with appreciation for his friendship, insights, and excellent work over the years."

Bruce's Blog | 03/03/08

workESO Server Maintenance 3/03

The ESO servers are going to be taken offline for regularly scheduled maintenance on 3/03 at 1:00pm GMT (7:00am CST). Server down time is expected to be approximately 2 hours.

Thank you for your patience as we strive to improve your online experience.