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aoe_originalAge of Empires and Age of Kings

If you're a player who still plays the original Age of Empires and Age of Kings games multiplayer via, an announcement by MSN Games regarding the retirement of support for these titles has been made today. For more information please visit


legioncupLegion AOE3 Cup

The Legion Clan is holding a 2v2 Age of Empires III Clan tournament with plenty of prizes, including $2000 being awarded to the top teams! Is your clan up to the challenge? Sign-ups are open until May 3rd, so grab a partner and prepare for what's sure to be a very exciting event.

Tournament Information | 04/25/06

106Patch 1.06 Released

Patch 1.06 is now available through the in-game auto updater or from our game updates page. Click "Help and Tools" then click "Update Game" to get the latest version. This patch adds many new balance changes, a fix for a crash bug, several map fixes, and much more.

Download Patch 1.06 | Patch Notes | 04/13/06

updateCommunity Update

Here is a roundup of the latest happenings and events going on in the Age Community right now:

Imperial is taking sign-ups for their 2v2 Team Tour until tomorrow night. Grab a partner and enter this event, sponsored by Xfire!

ES Designer Bruce Shelley has updated his blog with news and information on a variety of topics including the expansion pack: Bruce's Blog is still taking sign-ups for season 2 of their AoE3 Supremacy League.

Both Age of Empires III Heaven and Age of Kings Heaven are running screenshot contests. Be sure to read the rules for information on deadlines and themes, as well as view these winners for inspiration: Winners Gallery


Icon_Trio_LargeMods and Hacks

It has come to our attention that a popular UI mod enables users to zoom out further than the game usually allows. This gives the player with the mod an unfair advantage, and we consider this cheating when used in multiplayer games. If you are using a mod that has this functionality, do not make use of it in multiplayer games, or uninstall the mod.

We are also looking into other hacks at this time, and would like to remind players that we have a zero tolerance policy towards cheating and the use of hacks.