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Age III BoardgameAge III Board Game on Shelves Now

The Age of Empires III board game has been finalized and is now shipping to stores! You can also order the game online as mentioned below in the press release:

"Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery is currently shipping to game retailers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia, and will be on game store shelves very shortly. It may also be purchased at,, and from online."

Full Press Release | 05/31/07

The Asian Dynasties ExpansionAsian Dynasties FAQ

Age fans have posed a number of common questions on the new expansion pack for Age III, including questions on how our games will interact in mutliplayer games. Ensemble Studios Producer Brian Lemon and Lead Designer Ike Ellis from Big Huge Games penned the answers and we've posted them in our forums.

The Asian Dynasties FAQ | 05/30/07

xpackFire Pit Exploit Bannings

As part of the next patch, several issues have been addressed and fixed, which includes the Fire Pit exploit. The patch is still undergoing extensive testing and will be released as soon as it is completed. The latest exploit takes advantage of the Fire Pit and is being reported to us. We will be banning any players caught using this exploit after today. Any player reported or caught taking advantage of this bug as of today will be given at least a 3 week ban and will be removed from the ladders. This is part of the ongoing effort against cheating and hacking in online play.

If you feel that you have been exploited please send us an e-mail with a screenshot and recorded game to


GameSpyGameSpy Asian Dynasties Interview

GameSpy recently sat down with Brian Reynolds of Big Huge Games to talk to him about Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. The interview covers some of the same ground as the recent GameSpot interview, but with some great new pieces of information for Age fans and some new screenshots:

"GameSpy: What new civilizations can we expect to play with this time around?

Reynolds: China, Japan and India."

GameSpy Interview | 05/25/07

Bruce_ShelleyBruce's Blog: Dynasties

Ensemble Studios designer Bruce Shelley has posted a new blog update, where the hot topic is obviously the new expansion pack, The Asian Dynasties! He talks about the status of this expansion pack, Ensemble Studios' relationship with Big Huge Games, and even the finalized Age of Empires III board game which is now shipping to stores.

Bruce's Blog | 05/24/07

The Asian DynastiesNew Asian Dynasties Screenshot has a new Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties screenshot available for viewing. Unlike most Age screenshots that you'll see, this one is quite zoomed in, showing off some of the amazing detail going into units for this latest expansion pack.

Gamereplays Screenshot | 05/23/07

GameSpotGameSpot Dynasties Interview

The guys at GameSpot have an interview with Big Huge Games designer Brian Reynolds on Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties, shedding further light on this upcoming expansion pack for Age III:

"GameSpot: While the first Age of Empires III expansion, The WarChiefs, added New World content and Native American tribes, this new expansion pack expands into the Orient. Why choose this part of the world as the next place to explore for Age of Empires III?

Brian Reynolds: It's the one substantial piece of the Age of Exploration that's been missing from Age of Empires III, which has had, up until now, a New World emphasis. Remember, the East Indies is where Columbus wanted to go when he set sail, and especially when you think of the spice trade, the silk trade, and all the wars that were fought over them, it seems clear that this is a really interesting region to focus on."

GameSpot Interview | 05/21/07

PackNew Age of Empires III Expansion Coming...

Pack your bags -- "Age of Empires® III" is heading east. Microsoft Game Studios, Ensemble Studios and Big Huge Games Inc. today unveiled the first details about "Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties," the second expansion pack for the top-selling "Age of Empires III" that arrives on Microsoft® Windows® XP- and Windows Vista™-based PCs this fall. The expansion pack will introduce gamers to Asian civilizations, a host of new gameplay features, and a new developer that will provide a unique spin to a classic favorite.

Players will experience firsthand the rich and historical influences of Asia while commanding their units and expanding their empire in the Eastern world. The latest expansion pack will be the first "Age of Empires" title developed by Big Huge Games, the development studio responsible for the incredibly popular real-time strategy franchise "Rise of Nations®."

Screenshot (1600x1200) | Press Release | 05/18/07

aoe_originalHeavenGames Celebrates Ten Years

We must extend our congratulations to the team at HeavenGames. Ten years ago today Age of Empires Heaven was launched by Mike "Archangel" McCart, who later went on to join us here at Ensemble Studios for many years. It is a testament to the amazing staff and fans at HeavenGames that this fan site is still around to this day, and their growth into a network of sites has been so successful.

Congratulations from all of us here at Ensemble Studios! Here's hoping for many more decades of success.

05/15/07 1v1 Tourney

The guys at have just announced plans for a 1v1 WarChiefs tournament with slots for 256 players! Sign-ups will open on May 11, and there will be $200 in prizes up for grabs. Make sure you check out the official rules, and best of luck to everyone! | Tournament Rules | 05/09/07

Icon_Trio_LargeOver 500k ESO Accounts

Over the weekend, Ensemble Studios Online processed the creation of the 500,000th player account. A great many Age players have picked up our games over the years, but it's still very exciting for the team here when we reach milestones like these. We'd like to extend a big thank you to all of the Agers out there who log on to battle on ESO, share strategies, and or just hang out and chat.

Number of ESO Accounts: 501,952

Total Number of Age III Games Played: 15,874,748

Total Number of WarChiefs Games Played: 1,603,226