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Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties TournamentRTSCups $500 Dynasties Tournament

We are sponsoring a tournament along with the RTSCups crew for Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. It is a 1v1 event that is open to everyone and will begin on June 7. Click here for more information on the settings and how you can get involved. Best of luck everyone!

RTSCups | Tournament Information | 05/29/08

IGN InterviewIndia Agra Fort Rush

Mr.Milo has posted another strategy in our forum, this time for India. You may have seen variations of this strategy if you've been playing online, but Milo has posted a great guide for the Agra Fort Rush outlining its strengths and weaknesses.

For more tips on improving your game from Mr.Milo, check out the latest VOD that has been added at RTS Professional. He goes over some small tricks you can do at the start of the game that can really pay off.


aoe3hAOE3 Heaven Interviews Luigi

Myll_Erik continues the AOE3 Heaven expert series of interviews with a new chat with Luigi, aka iGiuL on ESO. The interview covers his play style, favorite recorded game, and more.

Luigi Interview | 05/19/08

CommunityBlogging SOLUS

Ben "SOLUS" Donges has started a blog over at to discuss the workings of the Live Team. His initial blog post talks about the team, what we do, where we've come from and where we're going. He also tries to be funny, you be the judge on whether or not he succeeds.

SOLUS's Blog | 05/15/08

Age of Empires IIISkWizZ World Map

Soji of the SkWizZ clan let us know about a cool feature on the SkWizZ clan page. It's a world map where Agers can enter their location and it will be marked with a helmet. It's pretty cool to see the Age players in your area and around the world.

Their site also has the customizable signature images that display your rank, you've no doubt seen those around, and it also appears that they're holding a tournament this weekend. They're a busy group, check out their site!


workESO Server Maintenance 5/06

The ESO servers are going to be taken offline for regularly scheduled maintenance on 5/06 at 1:00pm GMT (7:00am CST). Server down time is expected to be approximately 3 hours.

Thank you for your patience as we strive to improve your online experience.


aoe3hAOE3 Heaven Interviews Viper

Myll_Erik from AOE3 Heaven has interviewed _VipeR_ who many of you will know from Age Sanctuary. Viper can also throw down and actually play the game. Check out the full interview here.

_VipeR_ Interview | 05/05/08

Bruce_ShelleyBlogging Bruce

Ensemble Studios designer Bruce Shelley has updated his blog once again, this time with a warning for would be cheaters in Age of Empires III:

"Our community team is investigating rumors that downloadable software that supposedly allows you to cheat in Age games has a little bonus inside. We are trying to confirm rumors that at least one of these hacking programs places a Trojan on your PC and then steals your account information. The hack gives a losing player a chance to take a losing game and turn it into a win. Apparently enough people are looking for a fraudulent edge that a market exists for this software, but the price might be unexpectedly high."

Don't download programs that promise to allow you to cheat. Chances are you will get yourself banned from online play, or introduce a virus to your computer.

Bruce's Blog | 05/01/08