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Bruce_ShelleyBruce Shelley Double Post

Jump in front of the FiringSquad for an interview with Ensemble Studios designer Bruce Shelley, as he answers questions about Age III, the RTS genre in general, and even future ES projects.

Bruce also continues to update his developer blog on, with a new entry having just been posted today.


tournamentWarrior's Path Winners

Thank you to all of you who participated in our Warrior's Path Tournament over the weekend. There were some great games played and the field was narrowed down to four talented players who will be coming to visit us here at Ensemble Studios. Congratulations go to LieS, WaCkO, Sup3rMaN, and Sowers! We are looking forward to having you here to play The WarChiefs expansion pack.


tournamentWarrior's Path Tournament

Best of luck to those players who registered for our Warrior's Path Tournament! Please be logged in and ready to play tomorrow, the 17th, at 12 noon CST (1pm EST, 10am PST). Visit our tournament forum for the player bracket and the latest information.

Official Tournament Rules | 06/16/06

aoe3h$1000 New World Tournament

Our friends at AOE3 Heaven have just announced their New World Tournament and are currently taking sign-ups for the event. We are happy to help sponsor this tournament in which players will be battling for a prize purse of $1000! Best of luck to everyone!

New World Tournament | 06/13/06

aoe_originalAge of Empires and Age of Kings

With the recent announcement by MSN Games regarding the retirement of support for the original Age of Empires and Age of Empires II titles on June 19, we at Ensemble Studios have been making every effort to find a multiplayer matchmaking service for these games so that players who still enjoy playing them online can continue to do so. We will be directing players to GameSpy for their multiplayer matchmaking needs. Please visit for more information.

This does not affect Age of Mythology or Age of Empires III matchmaking.


tournamentWarrior's Path Tournament Deadline

This is a last reminder for players who are interested in participating in our Warrior's Path Tournament that the deadline for sign-ups is 11:59am PT on June 12. The top four players will be coming to visit Ensemble Studios in mid-July for two weeks to playtest The WarChiefs expansion pack. Sign-ups are open for those legal residents of the 50 United States who are 18 years of age or older.

Official Tournament Rules | 06/11/06

iroquoisIroquois Civilization Showcase

The Iroquois Civilization Showcase is now available at IGN, revealing more information on the history of the Iroquois and what to expect from them when you play them later this year. The Iroquois are one of three Native American civlizations that will be included in our Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs expansion, coming this fall.

Iroquois Showcase | 06/07/06

vgoFastest Pop Challenge

The first times have been posted in's Fastest Population Challenge! Currently, Black_ice_Spain holds the fastest time to reach the 200 population mark with 11:19 seconds. The contest will run until June 14, so the times will certainly just keep getting faster. Who will walk away with the grand prize? Be sure to stop by for the full contest rules and a running list of the fastest times!

Fastest Pop Challenege | 06/05/06