Archive 6.2007

MacsoftMac WarChiefs Now Available

Mac Age of Empires fans rejoice! The team at MacSoft has finalized Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs expansion pack for the Mac platform and it is now heading to shelves. Check out the MacSoft site for more information.

Apple Games has a feature on the expansion pack, with comments from Ensemble Studios designer Greg Street, about the game and what Mac fans can look forward to when they play.

Apple Games Feature | MacSoft | 06/28/07

IGN InterviewIGN Dynasties Interview

Some of the first information and images of the Indian civilization is now available in IGN's latest interview with Brian Reynolds! The Indians will be appearing in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties, the second expansion pack for Age III, along side the Chinese and Japanese. Check out the interview and the amazing screenshots that come with it for more information.

IGN Interviews Brian Reynolds | 06/26/07

Bruce_ShelleyBruce Shelley's Blog

The latest update to Bruce's blog covers a wide variety of things going on here at Ensemble Studios, including our most recent Asian Dynasties playtest session which was organized by ES Producer Brian Lemon. You'll find this and all of Bruce's past postings over at

Bruce's Blog | 06/19/07

Oh it's on!Cyber Globe 2v2 Tournament

Grab a partner and start practicing! The Cyber Globe E-Sports Association is now taking sign-ups for their upcoming 2v2 tournament, where they are preparing to give away a number of great prizes to those who come out on top. To sign up or get more information, visit the CGESA website.

CGESA Age III Page | Event Info | 06/11/07

WarChiefsThe Dakotas Random Map Contest

Announcing The Dakotas Random Map Contest, for anyone who is up to the challenge of creating a new random map for Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs! Not only will the winner, as determined by a panel of judges here at Ensemble Studios, receive much praise and Age shwag, but their map may also end up being added to The WarChiefs in a future patch. See below for the full contest rules and requirements.

Dakotas Random Map Contest | 06/08/07

warchiefsTournaments and Events

There are always a number of events going on for Age players to take part in. Here are a few that you may be interested in:

GGL - Thanks to MrMilo for sending word that the GGL has a ladder running this month for WarChiefs. The Ideazon ladder will run until the 30th of June, with the chance to win a HeadPlay Personal Cinema System and other great prizes.

1v1 Treaty Tournament - Members of the [TRT] clan are now taking sign-ups for their next 1v1 Treaty tournament which will be taking place on June 24. Best of luck everyone!

If you'd like to improve your game before jumping into a tournament, you should read this Russian strategy article by Ensemble Studios playtester Donnie "WaCkO" Thompson: Russian Sevastapol Boom