Archive 6.2008

Bruce_ShelleyBlogging Bruce

Ensemble Studios designer Bruce Shelley has updated his developers blog once again with a mix of Age of Empires III and Halo Wars commentary. Check out his latest:

"This is not a strategy game where you don't interact with your opponent for the first 15 to 25 minutes. Many games are over by that point. Second, you have strategic choices. You can invest deep in technology or get into the fight fast. There are unit combinations to try. You can't build and invest in everything, but you have to be flexible..."

Bruce's Blog | 06/30/08

sioux_chiefThe SEAR Strategy

Ensemble Studios balance tester Donnie "WaCkO" Thompson has put together a strategy article for the Sioux, which is a little unorthodox. Aging up quickly with very few villages and then raiding with units you ship is the key to this strategy. If you like rushing, you should try this out.

SEAR Strategy | 06/27/08

WCGParfait's Pan American Blog

The Pan American WCG Championship was held over the weekend in Monterrey, Mexico. Parfait was one of the attendees and has a blog entry recapping his experience during the event. Check out the results and the blog here: MoB WCG Coverage


aoe3hAOE3 Heaven Contest & Interviews

A contest is currently running at AOE3 Heaven for those of you skilled in the craft of scenario design, or more specifically, multiplayer scenarios. There are prizes for those of you who enter, as well as for those of you who are interested in playing and reviewing the entries. See this forum post for complete contest information: Multiplayer Scenario Contest

The AOE3H team is also continuing with their interview series, this time talking with two more experts from the community. Check them out: Wormwood and Flooky.


IconDynasties Coming to Mac

We've been getting asked about this a lot, so Mac owners rejoice! A new announcement from Macsoft reveals that they are working on bringing Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties to the Mac:

"Destineer's MacSoft unit announces today that "Age of EmpiresĀ® III: The Asian Dynasties," the second expansion pack for Ensemble Studios' award-winning strategy game, is headed to Macintosh computers with new playable Civilizations, new units, campaigns, game modes, and more."


WCGMilo's US Open Qualifier Summary

MrMilo, who took second place in the recent US Open qualifier for the World Cyber Games has written up a summary of his experiences at the event, complete with photos, links to where you can find recorded games, and all that sort of good stuff. Thanks for sharing Milo!

Milo's Summary | 06/17/08

Oh it's on!Rise of a New Dynasty Tournament

We're happy to help sponsor Age Sanctuary's latest tournament, Rise of a New Dynasty! The 1v1 event has $500 in prize money up for grabs, and will run over July and August with one week being allowed for each round. Sign-ups are open until June 28, with a limit of 128 players, so make sure you get your name in early. Best of luck everyone!

Tournament Information & Sign-up | 06/12/08

aoe3hAOE3 Heaven Interviews _H20

AOE3 Heaven are continuing their experts interview series by talking with _H20. He seems like kind of a laid back person, who actually likes to turtle in games. Check out the interview here.


aoe3hAOE3 Heaven Interviews NaturePhoenix

Certainly one of the best players around is NaturePhoenix. The guys at AOE3 Heaven are continuing their experts interview series with a chat with NP. Check it out.

You're going to be seeing many of these experts in action in the RTSCups tournament this weekend. They still have some spots open, so sign up for your chance for a shot at the $500 in prize money.


Bruce_ShelleyBlogging Bruce

Ensemble Studios designer Bruce Shelley has updated his developer blog with a new entry, this time with some news on an upcoming version of Age of Mythology for the Nintendo DS:

"Publisher THQ has announced that they will be publishing a strategy game inspired by AoM for the Nintendo DS this fall. The game is being created by Griptonite, which is part of Foundation9, which used to be Backbone Entertainment. Backbone created the Age of Kings game for the DS several years ago, so if you liked that, you can look forward to the AoM game. Several ES'ers are helping Griptonite with the game, including Brian Lemon as our producer/liaison, Rob Fermier helping with design, and Don Gagen helping with art."

Bruce's Blog | 06/04/08

WCGWCG US Qualifiers

The weekend was a busy one for those involved in the World Cyber Games. Two spots were up for grabs in the national finals for the USA in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. AgeSanctuary is reporting that Parfait won the event by defeating MrMilo, but both have earn themselves a trip to the finals! Congratulations to you both. Wormwood also posted the recorded games from his battles with Parfait over there which should make for good viewing!

On a related note, Xiphoid of Planet AOE spotted an interview with Michael Arzt, the US General Manager of the World Cyber games at Crave Online.

Last but not least, the Guinness Book of World Records presented the WCG with a certificate for being the largest video-gaming competition in the world. About time!