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Power RatingPatch 1.08 Power Rating Decay

Following the release of patch 1.08, players who have a Power Rating level of 26 or greater will be subject to our new rating decay system. This means that players who do not play a rated game within a set period of time will lose rating points due to their inactivity. The period of time varies so that players who are level 26-36 need to play one game every two weeks, and players who are level 37-50 need to play one game per week to avoid having their rating decayed.

Rating decay will take place on Tuesdays at 8:00am GMT. (3:00am CST, 4am EST, 1am PST)


gamespyDeveloper Chat Tomorrow

GameSpy is hosting an Ensemble Studios developer chat tomorrow, July 25th, starting at 11:00pm GMT. (4:00 pm PST, 6:00pm CST, 7:00 pm EST) Bring your questions for Ensemble Studios designers Kevin "The_Sheriff" Holme, Sandy Petersen, and Producer Wally Wachi to the Live Wire lobby in GameSpy Arcade and they will do their best to answer them! For more information on the developer chat, please view the GameSpy events page.


Update: Thank you to everyone who came out to the chat session. If you missed it, you can view the chat transcript at a number of fan sites, as well as here on GameSpy: Dev Chat Transcript 07/25/06

workPatch 1.08 Balance Changes

Patch 1.08 is currently in final testing, and barring any major issues, will be available soon. Here is a complete list of balance changes that will be included in the upcoming patch. Thank you to all of the fans who have debated balance on the forums, and contributed their feedback:

  • Heavy Cannons, Great Bombards, and Rockets have less hitpoints and deal less damage against other cannons
  • All archer and skirmisher units gain 1.5x bonus vs ranged cavalry
  • Mayan Holcan Spearmen hand and building damage reduced
  • German Winged Hussars card changed from 12 to 10
  • British manors cost changed to 135 wood.
  • Spanish faster shipment bonus improved.
  • Russian Blockhouses provide 5 population slots.
  • French start with +1 food crate
  • Dutch gather gold from mines 15% faster
  • German War Wagon range reduced from 20 to 16
  • Germans now require slightly more XP before receiving their shipments.
  • Uhlans do slightly less damage vs settlers.
  • Hussars get +10% hitpoints
  • Fortress Age research time increased by 20 seconds
  • Town Center hitpoints reduced to 6500
  • Trading Posts hitpoints reduced to 3000
  • Barracks and stables cost changed to 200 wood.
  • Unit train rates are now based on cost. Cheap units (crossbowmen) train faster than expensive units (cuirassiers).



CommunityPatch 1.08 Quick Search

A new patch has been under development here at Ensemble Studios and will be adding in a much requested addition to our Quick Search matchmaking. As part of the patch, players will now have a Power Rating filter that they can adjust in Quick Search that determines the number of Power Rating levels between you and the opponent you are matched with.

The Home City filter will still be there, but it has changed so that it now contains tiers instead of levels. Home City tiers are just groups of Home Cities that have access to similar level cards. Tier 1 Home Cities are level 1-9, Tier 2 are level 10-24 and Tier 3 are level 25 and up. After the patch your choice will be to only match with players in the same Home City tier as you, within two tiers, or any tier. As an example, if your Home City is level 20 and you choose to match only with players of the same tier, you will be matched with someone who's Home City is level 10-24.

We hope that these changes give players more competitive matches in Quick Search.


tournamentWarChiefs Mini Tournament

Our thanks to the four Warrior's Path Tournament semi-finalists for coming here to Ensemble Studios to visit us for the last two weeks. We also invited a couple of additional players to come down and join them in trying out The WarChiefs expansion pack. Here on their last day, we paired them off and ran a round robin tournament. Congratulations to Sup3rMaN, who used the third and as yet unannounced expansion pack civilization to defeat Sowers, who was playing the Sioux, in the best of three finals! Check our forums for the complete listing of results from the event.

Thanks to LieS, Mr.Milo, Sowers, Spody, Sup3rMaN, and Wacko for all of their feedback and suggestions!

WarChiefs Tournament Results | 07/20/06

warriors | sup3rMaN_wins

legioncupLegion AOE3 Cup Winners

Congratulations to [hope]Finn and [hope] Ruthless__, winners of Legion Clan's AOE3 Cup and the $1000 first place prize! They managed to beat out the very talented team of [MMC] Starsky and [MMC] DakenHo to claim first place in the event. Recorded games from the event and further results can be found on the Legion Clan site.

Our thanks to L_Clan_ARBALET and L_Clan_Finch for this great event!

Legion Clan | Final Bracket | 07/20/06

AoMAoM & AoT Server Test

Many thanks to all of the players who logged on to help beta test our new Age of Mythology servers over the weekend. Over 700 hundred users logged on to play games, and we definitely appreciate it! The winner of our contest to see who could play the most games is IamD4KU, who played over 250 games! Congratulations, and we'll be sending off your prizes shortly.

We will be sorting through player feedback to finalize the new servers over the coming weeks.


sioux_chiefSioux Civilization Showcase

The second installment of IGN's civilization showcase series has gone live, this time featuring the cavalry heavy Sioux. Get an inside look at how this unique new civilization will play in The WarChiefs expansion pack, which will be released this fall.

Keep an eye out for the third and final civilization showcase, on our third and as yet unannounced expansion pack civilization.

Sioux Civilization Showcase | 07/16/06

AoMAge of Mythology Weekend Server Test

We will soon bring a new set of servers online to support Age of Mythology's multiplayer system and would like to open up AoM's new home for an open beta this weekend! The player that plays the most games over the weekend will receive a signed copy of the Age of Mythology Gold Edition and their choice of one of four of Microsoft's latest games. For complete information on how you can log on to the servers for this beta please visit


gamespotGameSpot Interviews Sandy

Lead designer on The WarChiefs expansion pack, Sandy Petersen, spent time recently answering a whole batch of questions from GameSpot. Check out the full interview as he discusses new units, new races, and new ways to win the game.

GameSpot Interviews Sandy Petersen | 07/11/06

CommunityFan Created No Rush Maps

Furby_killer and pftq have created a series of custom random maps for players who enjoy playing "No Rush" style games. An invisible wall divides players on these maps, preventing them from attacking, and after a set period of time the wall disappears in order to allow for the battles to ensue. These custom maps can be found on pftq's website. Great work guys!

No Rush Custom Maps | 07/07/06