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MacsoftAge III Coming to Mac

A great many Mac users have been asking us about the possibility of playing Age of Empires III on the Mac, and now thanks to MacSoft it is going to happen! According to the official announcement it will be available by the end of September.

MacSoft Website | 08/11/06

AztecsAztec Civilization Showcase

The recently revealed third civilization for The WarChiefs expansion pack now steps into the full spotlight at IGN. The Aztec civilization showcase explores the history of this fierce culture, and how they play in the expansion!

"We decided to play the Aztecs straight. They have no horses and they have no gunpowder. They are the original Aztecs straight from the pages of history, and they have perhaps the most unique army in the entirety of Age of Empires III."

Aztec Showcase | 08/10/06

iroquoisThe WarChiefs Fan Site Kit

Now available for download is The WarChiefs fan site kit, which is loaded with screenshots and UI art! Here's a clip from the press release announcing it to Agers world wide:

"The 63 MB download contains all the means necessary to help "Age of Empires III" fans build a fan site in preparation for the release of "Age of Empires III: The Warchiefs" expansion. The kit contains concept art, forum avatars, screenshots, desktop wallpaper, and much more.

Due on store shelves in the Fall of 2006, the "Age of Empires III: The Warchiefs" expansion pack will build off of the exciting real-time-strategy gameplay of "Age of Empires III," providing players with the ability to lead one of three proud Native American civilizations to expand their empire and fight for control of the Americas."

Download Fan Site Kit | Press Release | 08/09/2006

sioux_chiefWarChiefs Previews

A host of new WarChiefs preivews are now available, finally revealing the third mystery civilization for our upcoming Age of Empires III expansion pack, the Aztecs!

IGN WarChiefs Preview: "Where the Sioux have excellent types of cavalry, the Aztecs rely exclusively on infantry troops. Though slow to start, they can eventually develop into a very powerful force."

GameSpy Preview: "The Iroquois WarChief offers a health bonus, the cavalry-focused Sioux get speed and Aztec warriors near their WarChief get bonus experience for everyone they kill."

Gaming Nexus: "The Firepit can give bonuses to unit training rates, experience gathering rates, and even combat bonuses. I haven't had much of a chance to see exactly how much the Firepit can turn the tide of battle, but it certainly adds another dimension."

Action Trip:"Finally, the Aztecs wield a powerful all-infantry army that is respectable in the early stages of the fight, but has tremendous potential in terms of tech tree advancements later on in the game."


updateSpody Speaks On Ensemble Studios Visit

One of the Warriors Path players who came to visit us here at Ensemble Studios in mid-July has created a great write-up of his experiences here. Our thanks to Spody for his feedback and time spent playing the upcoming expansion pack to Age III, The WarChiefs. You can read his impressions over at MFO!

ES: Behind The Scenes | 08/03/06

patch108Patch 1.08 Released

Patch 1.08 is now available through the in-game auto updater or from our game updates page. Click "Help and Tools" then click "Update Game" to get the latest version. This patch adds in rating decay for Power Rating, a new Power Rating filter for Quick Search, many new balance changes, and more.

If you have any mods for Age of Empires III installed, it is recommended that you uninstall them before installing new patches.

Download Patch 1.08 | Patch Notes | 08/01/06