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Bruce_ShelleyBruce Returns from Leipzig

Bruce Shelley was amongst the Ensemble Studios contingent that went to the 2007 Games Convention in Germany this year. His latest blog post contains some information on the show, as well as both of our games that were being show there, Halo Wars and Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties!

Bruce's Latest Blog Post | 08/28/07

WarChiefsDakotas Contest Winners

We'd like to thank everyone who entered our Dakotas Random Map Contest this summer! Our panel of judges has made their selection and we'd like to announce that RF_Gandalf's entry has been selected as the winner. Gandalf's map was both fun to play on and represented the region very well. Johnny_Deppig's entry was selected as the runner-up. Congratulations to these two map makers, as their entries both stood out from the rest of the field.

We hope to include Gandalf's map in a future patch, once it has gone through our testing process. The map will not be in our next patch, as it is fairly close to release at this point.


Dynasties Box ArtDynasties at Leipzig

The 2007 Leipzig Games Convention opens its doors to the public this weekend, where Age fans will be able to check out a full playable build of Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties! If you're in the neighborhood, stop on by and get some hands on time with the upcoming expansion pack.

GC 2007 | 08/24/07

forum_openingBalance Forum Opens

We've added a new forum to our site specifically for balance discussions. The forum will be moderated by Donnie "WaCkO" Thompson, a member of the Ensemble Studios balance team. If you have specific balance ideas, suggestions, or feedback please post them in our new forum, and you can be sure that those working on game balance will have seen it.

WaCkO has also used the forum to post a strategy for Sioux players: Sioux Agressive FF

Balance Forum | 08/22/07

Oh it's on!2v2 Nations Tournament

Sign-ups have just opened for a new WarChiefs 2v2 tournament and will remain open until August 29th, or the limit of 64 teams has been reached:

"Sanctuary is pleased to be able to announce its latest 2v2 Tournament for TWC. The 2v2 Nations Tournament is a BO3 knock-out bracket-style tournament based on the WCG Tournament. That means players will play for their country."

You can sign-up for the tournament and check out the full list of rules and prizes at Age Sanctuary. Best of luck!


workESO Server Maintenance 08/21

The ESO servers are going to be taken offline for regularly scheduled maintenance on 08/21 at 1:00pm GMT (7:00am CST). Server down time is expected to be approximately 8 hours.

Thank you for your patience as we strive to improve your online experience.


ChinaChinese Introduction

The final video introducing fans to each of the three new civilizations in Asian Dynasties is now available! Ensemble Studios Producer Brian Lemon gives us a look at the Chinese, their banner armies, and a classic game type. You can now find all three of these videos in our movies section for the Asian Dynasties.

Asian Dynasties Movies | 08/17/07

The Asian Dynasties ExpansionChina Interview

GameSpot sits down for the final interview with Brian Reynolds, discussing the third new civilization in The Asian Dynasties, China! A definite powerhouse of a civilization:

"GS: Now that development of the game is drawing to a close, how is the China faction shaping up in multiplayer? What kind of strategies seem to work best for this nation?

BR: China has some interesting possibilities in multiplayer. Its banner armies allow it to field larger armies than most other factions. It doesn't hurt that China has a larger population cap than other factions either. The Chinese also have some interesting cards that ship gigantic armies from their home city. These cards cost quite a lot of resources to send, but they can often swing the tide of a battle. One example is the "Ever Victorious Army," which is an industrial-age card that sends a large amount of iron flail heavy cavalry and flying crow artillery for a cost of 2,000 food. Generally, Chinese players will want to go on the offensive..."

GameSpot China Interview | 08/15/07

IndiaIndian Introduction

GameSpot continues their look at the new civilizations of The Asian Dynasties with Brian Reynolds and an updated in-depth interview on India! We've also posted a new movie on our Dynasties movie page where Ensemble Studios Producer Brian Lemon gives us an introduction to the Indian civilization.

Asian Dynasties Movies | GameSpot Interview | 08/13/07

The Asian Dynasties E3 TrailerJapanese Introduction

Continuing with our features on the new Japanese civilization, a new movie has been posted on our Dynasties movie page. Ensemble Studios Producer Brian Lemon gives us an introduction to the Japanese, a few of their units and how wonders come in to play in the expansion!

Asian Dynasties Movies | 08/02/07

The Asian DynastiesGameSpot Japanese Q&A

GameSpot has a great article up in which they talk in-depth with Brian Reynolds about the Japanese civilization, one of the three new civs that will be in The Asian Dynasties expansion. There are also a number of new screenshots included with the article, which covers how the Japanese will play in multiplayer as well as what their campaign will be all about:

"GS: What can you tell us about the single-player experience for the Japanese faction? What part of history will it cover and what kinds of history will players themselves be making?

BR: The Japanese campaign takes place in the late 16th century and deals with the establishment of the Tokugawa Shogunate. You'll control Shogun Tokugawa and his most loyal retainers as they seek to bring an end to the Warring States period and unify Japan."

Japanese Q&A | 08/02/07