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Lemmon_HeadVideo - Gone Gold

When a game goes gold here at Ensemble Studios there are certain rituals that we participate in to celebrate a new game. These are time honored traditions handed down from our gaming forefathers that include a trip to The Barvarian and a Release Party. Generally we eat lots of fatty food and dance the chicken dance. We love to finish a game and bring it to the fans.

However there is an often untold ritual that goes on before a game can be brought to you the fans. It is a dark and secret ritual with many trials that happens in secret corners of Microsoft's Gaming Headquarters. It was almost a week ago when secret operatives from ES took the game to be replicated and brought to our fans around the world. You can watch their adventure here in this gripping video.

The video comes in at 37 megabytes and you will need Windows Media Player or a video player that supports .wmv format installed.

Gone Gold Video   | 09/26/2005


Greetings Friends and Fans Worldwide!!!

I am very pleased to welcome you to Ensemble Studios' new community website. This website was built in direct response to your requests for more contact with us. One of the most exciting features is the addition of an Ensemble Studios monitored forum.

This will give the fans a direct path to communicate game ideas to our designers, programmers and artists. You will also find Age III statistics, downloads, news, developer blogs and more. This is just the beginning of our new commitment to creating one of the world's best online communities... and your input will be the key! I look forward to seeing you online.

But Now... Let the Games Begin!
Tony Goodman, President
Ensemble Studios
(aka GreedySmurf)


Bruce_ShelleyBruce Shelley Interview

One of the great benefits of working here at Ensemble is hanging around great guys like Bruce Shelley. We tracked him down during his busy Asian tour to ask him a few questions.

What do you think the impact of the new Community Site will be on the Age community?  

Bruce: "I see it as a place where fans can get the straight story. Forums can be fun but can get off track and take a rumor way out of context. A good community site is a place where you can get hard information. I hope it becomes a dependable and timely resource that is a once-a-day visit for really passionate fans...."

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