Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs will expand our award winning gameplay that began back in 1997 with the original Age of Empires. Below is a collection of some of the awards given to us by the gaming press for Age of Empires III:

GameSpy GOTY"...for pure gameplay, style, and execution, Age of Empires III shines the brightest in 2005. Covering the European colonization of the New World, in a single game you get exploration, the Revolutionary War era, battles with pirates, Wild West adventures, and huge Napoleonic battles. Graphically Age III was one of the most stunning titles of 2005, loaded with detail and "local color" that drew you into the period." - GameSpy's Game of the Year Awards, 2005


Gamespy Top10 2005Winner - Best RTS Game of the Year 2005, Best Graphics 2005

Honorable Mention - Best Music 2005

Gamespy Editors Choice"Visually stunning and brilliantly executed, Age III may not redefine the real-time strategy genre, but it easily ranks as one of this year's best for the PC." - 5 Stars, GameSpy Review


gamezone.comAge of Empires III is a must have game for any Real Time Strategy gamer. There are so many new additions in this game that it will boggle your mind. This is one of the best looking games, much less an RTS game, that is out on the market currently. This is one purchase you will not come to regret. - GameZone.com


IGN"The unit design and the range of opportunities in both the single player and multiplayer missions will definitely get your strategic juices flowing." - IGN