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AoMThank you and good bye

Bruce's last blog is up for everyone to read. I encourage everyone to check it out right away. will continue to be up and running to help our fans and give them a place to hang out.

All of us here at Ensemble Studios wish to thank you, for all of the good years we have had together. We have enjoyed making games for you and playing them with you.

Good luck and have fun has always been the four small word that we say before a game starts. We want to wish all of you good luck and have fun one last time.


AoMBruce's Latest Blog

Bruce talks about Halo Wars wrapping up along with other fan related news, including the letters we sometimes receive from our fans.

This is Bruce's second to last blog, so check it out before you they are all gone!


AoMUpcoming Forum Changes

In preparation of the studio's closure, we are going to be consolidating the forums on the site. The biggest change will come to the separate forums for each title. After the consolidation there will only be one Supremacy, Deathmatch, and Treaty forum instead of the current three.

On January 14th we will be starting the processes by making the "soon to disappear" forums read only. They will stay that way until January 21, giving everyone a week to archive posts.



AoMHappy Holidays

Happy Holidays from everyone one here on the Live Team and Ensemble Studios.

We hope that you all have a fun holiday with friends, family, and that you enjoy your presents that Santa brings.

12/19/08 - Fan Patch

The players of have come together and created a Fan Patch for Age of Empires 3. This mod has balance suggestions from the fans as well as a few new maps. You can check out the full fan patch mod at

One word of caution. Once installed this pan patch will show up as a CRC error on ESO. We recomend that you backup and game files that this mod replaces.


AoMBruce Headed to the AIAS

Hall of Fame of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences had decided to honor our own Mr Shelley. This is a great achievement, and everyone here at Ensemble could not be more proud. The award will also be presented by our own President and founder Tony Goodman.

Again we would like to take this time to thank our fans for supporting us over the years and playing our games.


AoMAge of Empires: Mythologies

Age of Empires: Mythologies for the Nintendo DS is a compelling new turn-based strategy game that challenges players to shape the destiny of three unique cultures in a fantasy world filled with mighty heroes, legendary monster, and powerful gods.

Players lead their Egyptian, Greek, and Norse heroes to victory by raising massive armies, waging war, exploring new frontiers, and advancing through three distinct ages that offer fantastic new units, abilities, and god powers.

Available now for the Nintendo DS.


AoMWCG - Finals and Winners

The WCG has concluded its Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties tournaments this week. The finalist traveled to Cologne to battle it out. We wish to congratulate everyone that competed in the tournament and we hope you had a good time.

The winners of the tournament are

1st Place $10,000 _H2O

2nd Place $5,000 iamgrunt

3rd Place $2,500 The_Demon


AoMBruce's Blog - Halo Wars and more

Bruce continues his series of blogs about Halo Wars and life here at Ensemble. This week's blog has been updated with more information about the games industry, demolition and crunch.

You can check out all of Bruce's latest blogs at


AoMThe Future of ESO

Some players have expressed anxiety over the future of Ensemble Studios and the ESO online service that keeps our games running.You don't need to worry though.

The ESO matchmaking service for Age of Mythology and Age of Empires 3 and the expansion packs will continue to be operated and be supported after Ensemble closes its doors.


AoMCommunity Bannings

We are investigating reports of cheating by players spawing units into games. We will continue to pursue players that try and cheat our online system.

If you suspect that you have been cheated in a game write in to


AoMMrMilo's WCG Report

Our very own MrMilo just got back from the WCG and he was kind enough to write up a report about his experiences. If you ever wondered what it would be like to go to one of these large professional gaming events, this is your chance for an inside look.

Just a small update. We want to thank Milo for all of his hard work over the last year at Ensemble Studios. He has been a great team member.

WCG Report | 10/13/08

AoMNew Weekly Ladders Added

New weekly ladders are up and running. These weekly ladders will give players the chance to compete in faster ladders to earn medal each week. Each week we will change the ladders so everyone gets a chance to compete.

This week's ladders are 1v1 Supremacy and 1v1 Deathmatch. Now get out there and play.