Windows Vista

Known Issue: "This program has known compatibility issues" alert on Windows Vista

This alert appears when installing or launching Age III (not Warchiefs) on any version of Windows Vista. It specifically refers to an issue with how the in-game autopatcher works under Windows Vista security settings.

To correct the autopatch functionality, download and apply the latest stand alone patch.

1) Download the latest Age of Empires III patch from our game updates page.

2) Once the patch has been downloaded to your PC, you just need to double click on it to update your game.


For any future patches, you will be able to update the game with our in-game auto update feature. Access this by clicking on "Help and Tools" from the main menu, then "Update Game".

Issue: After setting parental controls in Vista, Age3 or TWC will not properly launch for a user.


  • Launch Windows Update and install the March AppCompat update (KB932246). Note that Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties (age3y.exe) is also verified fixed in the upcoming June Vista shim.
  • OR Disable blocking all programs in Parental Controls (though I would imagine this is much-less desired).

I have the March AppCompat update installed, but when I elevate permissions from the UI dialog to unblock the launch, the dialog will dismiss itself without any further feedback.


Launch the newly unblocked Age III executable again.

I allowed age3.exe or age3xp.exe as an exception to Parental Controls, but Vista continues to raise a block prompt again for splash.exe.


Simply allow splash.exe as well; the child account will no longer be prompted for Age of Empires III launch executables or splash.exe if the administrator made unblock exceptions.